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Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2 Review

My Review On The Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2

Mi Body Composition Scale 2

Mi Body Composition Scale 2 is a second generation Smart Weighing Scale from Xiaomi that is supposed to help you measure your weight as well as to understand your body better through additional data points like Muscle Mass, Basal Metabolism, Bone Mass, Visceral Fat, BMI, Body Score, Water Consumption, Body Fat and their trends.

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I bought the Mi Body Composition Scale 2 from Qoo10 at the price of $19.90. This price comes with free 8 months warranty (not too sure on how to register) and with an option to upgrade to 18 months warranty at an additional $6.90. Delivery was by Qxpress and the rate was at $1.99. This price was considered to be the lowest as compared to Shopee, Aliexpress, Lazada (around $25+) at this point of writing.

Lowest price ever seen was $18.80 from Qoo10 in early January. I missed that pricing and it went back to $19.90 and stayed at that price ever since. This new price could not be subjected to any further discount. I decided to purchase this on 16 February together with some Plastic Drawers. I utilized a $5 discount and used that to offset the cost on the scale and delivery.


Delivery was done on the 19 February evening which was pretty fast.

Packaging, First Look and First Feel

The battery compartment and springs of the Mi Body Composition Scale 2

In terms of packaging, the item was delivered as it is in the original box with no plastic or bubble wrapping over it. Serial Number was located at the side flap of the box. Luckily the lady who delivered the item handled the package well. The scale was intact with no damages.

The scale was covered in a plastic sheet and was rather heavy when I used one hand to take it out. Appearance wise – No switches around the scale, smooth top surface with a layer of thick glass with 4 metallic circles under. Behind it was an opening for batteries and another 4 circles which were rather springy. This required 4 x ‘AAA’ Batteries but it did not come with any.

Setting Up

Numbers on the Mi Body Composition Scale 2

Once the batteries were inserted, the scale was ready to go. It was not easy to drag the scale around while it was on the floor because of the resistance from the four circular gray springs at the bottom. To move it around, I have to lift it up first then place it on the new location.

Standing on it would get the numbers running up and standing longer would generate four dashes under the weight. The four dashes were for generating the additional data points like Muscle Mass, Basal Metabolism, Bone Mass, Visceral Fat, BMI, Body Score, Water Consumption, Body Fat. To see these values, you would need the Mi Fit app (Download from Apple App / Google Play). Syncing was instantaneous and straightforward and having your phone near to the weighing scale would capture the values right away.

Mi Fit App - Tap on Weight, Body Score and Balance
Mi Fit App - Weight Trends
Mi Fit App - Body Score Changes

To check on the trends and the captured values, you can always go back to the main screen of the Mi Fit App, tap on Weight to see the weight changes and tap on Body Score to look at other Data Points like BMI, Body Fat, Water Consumption, Visceral Fat, Muscle, Protein, Basal Metabolism, Bone Mass, Body Age, Ideal Weight, Body Shape, Weight Changes Trend and Body Fat Changes Trend.

Other Functions

There are other functions that you can check out with the Mi Body Composition Scale 2 like using it as a Weighing Machine for Small Items (just make sure the option is checked under Mi Fit App > Profile > My devices > Mi Body Composition Scale 2 > Weigh small object). To weigh the small items, you just need to stand on it first to get the numbers running and then you replace yourself with the smaller item.

You can also test your Balance by tapping on the Balance in the Mi Fit App. Tap on Measure then proceed to stand on the scale while maintaining a one leg position with eyes closed. Not an easy task and I only achieved like 1.5 seconds for my first attempt. Signs of getting old.

You can also add family members to your Mi Fit App and capture their Weight and Body Score. The scale was supposed to be smart enough to identify all the different family members when they are on the scale. I have yet to test out this function.


I can’t comment on the other Data Points (Body Score) since I had never measured them before. Weight wise, I weigh myself on a regular basis during my Gym Session and it usually hovers around 68 – 69kg whereas the Weight Scale says I am around 71.50kg. So I think I can say the weight accuracy is around 90% there.

Thinking Of Getting The Mi Body Composition Scale 2?

Personally I think this is a good investment on monitoring my weight and if the Body Score is really accurate, these data points are also really useful in monitoring my overall muscle and fat level.

So if you find this review useful, you may consider getting the Mi Body Composition Scale 2 from the link below (I may get a commission if you make a purchase and thanks for supporting this blog).

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My Timeline On Using The Mi Body Composition Scale 2

This timeline is just for capturing significant events while using the Weighing Scale.

16 Feb 2022

Bought the Xiaomi Mi Body Fat Composition Scale 2 on Qoo10.

19 Feb 2022

Item was delivered in the evening. First reading was taken.

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