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Happy! My Book Arrived From!

Here’s a happy note… the book that I have ordered from BookDepository – The 4-Hour Body By Timothy Ferriss arrived in my mailbox yesterday afternoon!

Yes! But this is a very long wait. I ordered this book on 25/12/2010, the Book is shipped out on 31/12/2010 and it arrived only on 18/01/2011!

But nonetheless, this is the book that I have ordered:

I know that I have posted a blog post that there are a few unhappy Book Lovers who have made their purchase from but they did not receive their books and also that this Company could be a possible total Bad Deal!

I also highlighted that we need to have more victims and supporters to stand out and voice out the good and the bad of this company.

And today… I can add a happy and positive note about BookDepository that my purchase is fulfilled!

Here’s My Proof That My Book Is Here

– This is the Box for the Book

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Good Deal Gone Wrong? – BookDepository

Here’s my sincere apologies to all the book lovers who have followed my posting and made some book purchase on and

The Problem With BookDepository

Apparently there are some problems with the company – they promise cheaper books and free delivery worldwide but their delivery services is the worst.

If you have read some of the comments, apparently two of my readers have been affected by their lousy services – they did not get their books, the books are damaged, they got their books late and the email support is not the tip top kind.

I am a victim of their service as well. I have bought my book on Christmas Day and till date, I have not received the book as well. I have to change my statement here… I got my book on 18/01/2011.

Calling All The Victims And Successful Book Receivers

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Another Good Book Deals –

For all Book Lovers… there’s another good books deal site that you need to check out and the price is worth comparable –

>> Click Here To Check Out

It’s the sister site of which I have previously done a review in my previous post. And if you are thinking that, both sites should have the same deal! Guess again! You may get to save a bit more money if you do a comparison at both sites.

Here’s The Proof

I was looking for this new book by Timothy Ferris – The 4-Hour Body. And a bit about this book, this book is supposed to be helpful for those who have been trying very hard to shed off those weights using conventional methods but… still not seeing results. Apparently, there are some good reviews and positive results from those readers of this book. So I have to check it out.

Kinokuniya is carrying this book. And this is the price offered by them:

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