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Switching To Pixel 8 Pro From Z Fold 4

My Pixel 8 Pro

Pixel 8 Pro

After many years of using Samsung Phones, I have decided to make the switch from the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 to the Google Pixel 8 Pro. I took advantage of the Singtel’s Promotion – $400 upfront discount voucher to offset the Launch Retail Price of $1,649 for the 256GB, Bay Option. Order was made online on the 10th October and delivered on the 16th October with signature required on delivery.

Note: I hope to update regularly on my phone usage experience. If you are interested, you may come back again to this blog post.

Accessories That I Bought To Protect My Google Pixel 8 Pro

While waiting for Pixel 8 Pro to arrive, I bought these from Aliexpress:

Note: These are affiliate links so I may be compensated for any successful and eligible sales.

My Reviews On These Accessories:

  • It was really easy to apply the Hydrogel Film by following the video on the Sales Page. It also came with features to make sure that your film would be aligned properly on the phone. Fingerprint Sensor still worked well after pasting. Only qualm was that it was not smudge resistant.
  • Transparent Casing was considerably thick on the corners and clear enough to showcase the Bay Blueness of the phone. Likewise, the back of the casing retains smudges.

Why Did I Switch From Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 To Google Pixel 8 Pro?

  • Mentally stressful to hold on to a Z Fold 4 – there’s a definite extra cost for the Samsung Care+, the 2 hours waiting time just to have them replace the Inner Screen Protector even though it’s free, the extra attention and care needed to ensure the inner screen did not suddenly crack when opening it.
  • The outer screen of the Z Fold 4 (6.2″) was still not built for some games, it either caused the game to not load, or the finger pointed to X but it moved to Y. If you are a fan of Plants vs Zombies 2, you will understand my pain.
  • The weight of Z Fold 4 is still heavy.

What Did I Miss After Switching To A Google Pixel 8 Pro?

Mainly Software Features from the One UI:

  • Connected Devices like Bluetooth Headphones – Requires two taps to disconnect via the Gear Icon. Samsung just requires one Tap.
  • There’s no way to create App Folders in the App Drawer – everything is in the Home Screen and if you are opening multiple apps in the same folder, you have to tap into the Folder again.
  • You will not get Samsung Pay, Samsung Notes and Samsung Calendar, Samsung Members and Samsung Email, Samsung Calculator (many features in it) and Galaxy Store.
  • Paying with Google Pay requires waking up the Screen whereas Samsung Pay can do so with the screen turned off. Samsung Pay also awards points for each transaction. 30 Points at Gold Level and redeeming a $10 Lazada Gift Card requires 5,000 points.
  • Uninstalling an App takes 3 steps on Pixel (Tap Hold –> App Info –> Uninstall) whereas Fold 4 (Tap Hold –> Uninstall)
  • The near to 100% hit rate with the Side Button Fingerprint Sensor. I had around 80% hit rate with the fingerprint sensor on Pixel.
  • Charging is faster on Samsung as compared to Pixel (I am using a 45W Travel Charger and Cable from Samsung).

Things Needed To Get Used To On The Google Pixel 8 Pro

  • The Side Button and Volume Buttons exchanged positions for the two phones.
  • The “Go Back” Navigation Gesture is on the left for Pixel.
  • Software Updates are carried out with the Phone still on (and you can still use the phone as it is) whereas Samsung would first download the Update and install with a Phone Restart.

Tedious Chores To Get Started On The Google Pixel 8 Pro

  • Requires a new 5G Sim Card. I got this “This Sim Card is not supported. Please contact Carrier for Assistance” for my 2-3 years old Sim Card.
  • Some apps are not working properly:
    • Healthy365 is not working with Android 14 (shows a white screen, not fixed with 30 October Update and finally fixed with the 22 November Update).
    • WeChat requires a cleanup on the Storage before I can re-login.
  • Magic Editor Tool is on the Google Photos App and it requires Wi-Fi Access to update for the first-time usage. So it is recommended that you take a photo first while you are on a Wi-Fi Connection and then click on the Edit Function to get the Magic Editor Tool to work.

The Good

  • Saves around 38GB of storage space without the One UI Skin and default Samsung Apps
  • The Restoration from Samsung to Pixel was very straightforward. I just need to place the two phones side-by-side and everything was restored to Pixel in just 30 minutes. After which, the process was to re-install / update all the Apps from the Google Store.

Something Interesting

  • There’s this “Use Quick Tap” under Settings – I set it up to Take Screenshot. There are other options available if you are interested in this feature.

Experience So Far?

First 30 Days:

  • Good to see that the 100% Battery Indicator stays for a long while before it dropped to 99%. Samsung drops to 99% within the first 15 minutes.
  • 10/11/2023 – First November Update (31.79MB) after the Announcement on 07/11/2023. Installation took place when the phone is still awake whereas Samsung requires a restart.

After 30 Days:

  • Received the first Feature Drops (328MB) on 07/12/2023, less than a day after they made an announcement. The download and installation speed were way faster (done in less than 30 minutes) and the restart was way faster as compared to an update from Samsung.
  • Just checked on the Settings Page > About Phone > Battery Information that my Battery Count stood at 34. Online says battery would last around 500 cycles.
  • New January Security Update (24.25 MB) received after Google made an announcement on the day itself.
  • The Internet Connection seemed to be getting bad, i.e. switching from WIFI to 5G Connection at random times and this caused usage to halt or apps to freeze. This is even the case after I have changed the WIFI Privacy to “Use Device MAC” as suggested from some online communities. Hope this is some issue that Google has realized.

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