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My Small Bad And Big Good Experiences With Vodien

I have been hosting my own websites for the past 6 years and have gone through quite a few Singapore web hosting companies.

There are other good US-based web hosting companies, but I notice that when you experience errors or problems with your website, you will want to get a solution fast. That’s why my first choice of web hosting companies has to be in Singapore.

The Small Bad Experience

The very first web hosting company that I used, surprisingly, is, and I can say the experience was a small bad at then.

Reason being: The Web Hosting Package that they offer me was way too expensive (at least 2.5 times more) as compared to other web hosting companies.

The only positive note that they gave me was that they are prompt to reply to my requests and one of their partners (younger than me) was very good with their customer service, which we like, and therefore my partners and I did up our first logo and eventually our first web hosting with them despite the high cost.

But sad to say, our first website failed, partnership dissolved and I decide to go solo… So after being with Vodien for a year, we stopped hosting with Vodien and I moved on on my own and with other cheaper web hosting. 

The next Singapore web hosting company that I used was GlobalNox. They are no longer doing business and a brief history about them is that a 13 year old kid was running the business. I created my next business logo with them, and later realized that the design was actually copycat from a free source and with a tiny bit of modification. The web hosting package was definitely cheaper and the customer service was pretty good. I got the boss’ mobile number and make sure he replies me when there’s errors! Ha, talk about being an arrogant customer!

Getting a cheap deal does come with its negative experience price tag. My site was constantly down and took a few days to get it up. Talk about losing time and online exposure. So after two years being with them, GlobalNox decided to fold up as well and I have to move on.

For the next 2.5 years, my sites are being hosted with another Web Hosting company, which I will not name it here. The deal is rather good – $5/month for 100MB hosting with unlimited MySQL databases and unrestricted access to wide range of tools and services included in the package. The Downside: it’s still the same, when the server is down, it takes long to be back, but still much better than GlobalNox. Though so, I still keep the hosting with them. 

The Big Good Experience

This year itself, I decide to expand on my sites and use my own name as the next domain name. I also decide to search for the possible new and good web hosting company. Sad to say, other companies are still offering expensive packages.

Then one fine day, Vodien came to my mind all a sudden. I went to their site – they have upgraded, revamped their site and change their packages for the very good.

Like How Good?

Still remember my previous package? $5/month for 100 MB hosting with unlimited MySQL databases?

Now, see what Vodien is offering for their Standard Plan:

  • 5GB of Hosting Space (compare this to 100MB)
  • Unlimited (or 999) MySQL databases (ok, same as my previous)
  • Unrestricted use of tools and services like the very Famous Fantastico, which you can easily set up your WordPress blog (this service is no longer supported by my previous)
  • Faster upload speed during FTP session (what this mean is that, if you need to upload files to your website, you will use FTP. My previous is slower than Vodien by a few times)
  • Cron Task (my previous also offers this). This service is good especially if you are running your own niche stores like BANS or StoreStacker and want to update your site regularly and automatically.
  • The Customer Service still remain good as it is before. They will respond within 2 hours during normal office hours.

I am paying $5/month for my previous package. So guess how much will I be paying for a 5GB of hosting? If doing a as per it is calculation. 5GB is 5000MB, which is 50 times more than 100MB. So I must be paying towards $250/month?

If you are nodding your head. Guess what… if you take up a 1 year hosting with them, its only $10/month or $8/month for a 2 year hosting package.

If you are asking yourself, why will I need a 5GB hosting space when my need is low? Guess what again.. I have asked them if I am running multiple sites and want to host them together under one account, the answer is a big yes!

If you are running 20 money-making websites, with the previous packages, you have to take up 20 hosting plans. This will cost you $100/month. Now with Vodien, you are only paying the most $10/month. Which is a better deal now… You decide…

For Good Hosting Package and Services, consider Vodien today!

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