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My New Web Hosting Experiences With HostGator

I have just enrolled into HostGator’s Baby Plan to run my Online Flash Game Site, A News Feed Site and another site that promote and sell Master Resale Rights products.

Therefore would like to take this chance to share my new web hosting experiences with HostGator and also a bit of the pros and cons of this company as compared with Vodien.


First Reason – Unlimited Hosting Space For HostGator

I am currently running many sites and over the last 3 years, one of my blogging site is at over 400MB of disk space and this number is increasing. My total sites are taking up around 1.5GB of hosting space. For Vodien, my current plan is at 5GB, which means I am left with around 3.5GB to play with.

I have also stopped adding Games to my Game Site because of the fear of having no more disk space and this is really a waste.

Therefore I decide to get a unlimited disk space hosting package with HostGator to host my Game Site. Now I can add games to it without worrying too much!

Second Reason – Good For Search Engine Rankings

If you intend to ask why do I not upgrade my hosting package with Vodien instead, my reason is simple – it’s good for my search engine rankings.

Note: if you are just starting out on Online Marketing, it would not be so wise to make use of this but if you are able to afford, this is a good tactical move and beneficial in the long run.

To make things easier to understand, it’s good because you have two different set of IP Addresses – one from Vodien and one from HostGator. If you are able to link all of your sites together, this would tell the Search Engines that there are other sites who are interested in your sites – so some form of priority would be given in the search engine rankings.

Third Reason – For The Affiliate Commissions

HostGator has a good affiliate program but it would be wise for one to promote it if you are actually using it. Just imagine that I am using Vodien but I promote my site as using HostGator – people can just check and if they find out that you are not that truthful, you will lose credibility.

Now that you know the good side, here’s this one bad side about HostGator that you need to know:

>> FTP Transferring Is Real Slow

This is not because of the nature of their servers. This is because their Server is in USA whereas I am in Singapore. That’s why the FTP Transfer Rate is real slow for both downloading and uploading of files.

If you are constantly doing a lot of FTP Transfer, you would have to endure this if you are sticking with HostGator.

This will also be the main reason why I will not transfer all my sites to HostGator – the FTP Transfer Rate with Vodien is good!

If you have intention to take up a web hosting package with HostGator, you can join by clicking the link below:

>> Take Up A Web Hosting Package With HostGator

And if you are running sites in Singapore, my personal recommendation is for you to go with Vodien, so check them out by clicking the link below:

>> Check Out The Web Hosting Package With Vodien

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