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How To Maximize Your Earning Potentials From EmailCashPro

If you are currently in EmailCashPro – A Get Paid To Read Email service in Singapore, I would like to share a personal tip that may help you to cash out your first $10 faster than before.

What Is EmailCashPro All About?

Basically EmailCashPro is an online company that gets advertisers who are interested to promote their products or services, shares the deal through email and through to their members .

And those who have joined and agreed to receive the emails, will spend a few seconds, read the special deal and decide if they would want to take part. At the end of it, they will get some points that will be converted to a cash amount. Once they hit $10 either through reading the emails or through referrals, they are able to cash out through a Cheque or to their Paypal!

If you are cautious about EmailCashPro and its dealing. Do not worry so much! I have been with them for quite some time, and everything about them has been positive so far.

To join them and get paid to read emails,

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How To Maximize Your Earning Potentials From EmailCashPro

Beside the fact that you can earn a percentage from your referrals’ efforts of reading the emails, the next manner is on how to increase the number of emails that you can get to read on a regular basis.

In simple terms of what I am trying to say is More Emails = More Points = Hit $10 Soon!

And I realize that you can actually get to read more emails just be changing a few settings inside your member’s area and this is how it goes:

1. Go To Edit Your Information

2. Edit Your Interests

If you have not ever edited this area before, it’s good to do so today! I chose 5 before and the amount of emails received is like 1 – 5 emails per month. But after choosing up to the maximum of 15, the amount of emails received has already increased to around 10 emails thus increasing the amount of points earned!

I have yet to try out the other area of interests and I believe there could be a few other gold mines within these interests which you may want to try it out.

If you are a member of EmailCashPro and have been successful in selecting profitable area of interests, you may wish to share your secret here?

If you are interested in getting paid to read emails, you can join EmailCashPro today!

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