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Good Deal Gone Wrong? – BookDepository

Here’s my sincere apologies to all the book lovers who have followed my posting and made some book purchase on and

The Problem With BookDepository

Apparently there are some problems with the company – they promise cheaper books and free delivery worldwide but their delivery services is the worst.

If you have read some of the comments, apparently two of my readers have been affected by their lousy services – they did not get their books, the books are damaged, they got their books late and the email support is not the tip top kind.

I am a victim of their service as well. I have bought my book on Christmas Day and till date, I have not received the book as well. I have to change my statement here… I got my book on 18/01/2011.

Calling All The Victims And Successful Book Receivers

I like to stay positive. That’s why if you are reading this post and you are either a victim or you have successfully receive your books from BookDepository, please kindly provide your details here.

If there’s more victims, it only goes to show that there’s a need to boycott that site and advise people not to make their purchase with them.

But if there are really more successful ones who are able to prove their stand that this site is legitimate and their operation is normal, then we should continue to support them.

What can you do after reading this?

If you are a victim, make your voices known, drop a comment here and you can simply do so with a statement – “I am a victim!”

If you have successfully made and received your purchase, and you can prove that you are not a “buy-off” supporters of BookDepository, make your stand with your comment here and prove it as well!

Let’s weed out all the bad online companies and only support the Real Good Deals in 2011!

Lastly, for those who have made purchases through my recommendations and not been getting your books yet – my sincere apologies!

14 thoughts on “Good Deal Gone Wrong? – BookDepository”

  1. I am a victim! Bought 6 books – 1 set containing 4 books on the series A Song of Ice and Fire and 2 books from Ken Follett. Status of the order has been “Processing” for over 2 weeks now. What is taking them so long to process 6 books???? Payment have gone through already and yet I am left waiting for the books.

  2. i am a victim i ordered 1 book. there’s been 12 working days and they haven’t delivered and they say there’s no tracking code wich makes it impossible to try to have your order

  3. Im scared. Ok. Im scared. SO let me begin. I ordered this book: The Night Circus By Erin Morgenstern(The hardcover/back with the red cover and the two guys on the front cover with black edged page) because one youtube friend recommend me bookdepository. In my conditions, im a college medicine student from Dominican Republic. Yeah a little island in the Caribbean. I dont speak a perfect english, so sorry for some bad-spelled words. Anyways, I had to make an PO box account on USA because that was the only way i could buy anything and arrive here fast. “Fast”. Since our Dominican Postal service has bad services and much problems. Anyway i made the order in a X week. SO yeah i was very excited you know, im crazy to have this book. It passed more than a week my book still in that “processing” label thing i totally hate. You know im thinking my book wont arrive. And is dissapointing because yeah i contact them. Im not mad. Im really not. Im sad and because the emails for “help” i recieve showed no sing of “We care for ourcustomers”. What made me feel bit like stupid was that i recieve like 10 different emails from some persons. One told me my book was going to be dispatched in 48 hours. Uff that 48 hours passed and wheres my book? Maybe in China who knows. Another email. We’re sorry but your book is UNAVAILABLE NOW. HELLO? Then why it letted me made the order if there was “no book” and the book was going to be dispatched in MAXIMUN 3 days. 3 days passed. The processing label still look me with monster eyes.(when i made my order of course they were books).
    I did this. I put another email to see if the book was “available”. Another email. Dear we have 211 of this tittle available. That email punched my face worst than does hits you see on WWF. WHAT? 211 available?!. BUT yeah. In ALL ok. ALL emails i riecieve the same sentence: “IF YOU WANT REFUND/CANCEL”. Hell NO. I want MY book.
    Im a possitive person. I still wait my book to arrive. Sadly i got so many different emails treating me like idiot. Excuse me if that was not your point. But thats how i felt.
    One last thing. I dont know much about prices of books. How come i buy a book one day in a price. Next day is cheaper. And still they charged me the high price. I dont get that. Anyway I really hope not to have to cancel my order.. Maybe my book arrives someday..
    Hope you all have recieve your book and i hope none of you ever got this issues.
    NICE day ^^

    1. Hey Valery, thanks for sharing your experience… it’s really painful to go through what you had gone through… even by reading what you have written… wow… really hope the service provided by them can be improved in the coming years (especially when it has been bought over by

  4. I recently ordered 5 manga books from the book depository, ranging from volume 22 – 26. I received all except number 24. I emailed them and they just told me to wait. Why can’t they put all the items in one parcel rather than individual ones? Either way, I am not doing business with them again.

    1. Hi Alex, thanks for sharing your experience. Do be persistent in checking out the delivery for your Volume 24!

  5. I didn’t receive a book I ordered 2 months ago, when I checked with them, they asked me to check weekly till I get the book, I’m about to give up. Anyway, I’ve purchased many books with them, all the others were received in mostly good condition except one. About the price, I’m not so sure, recently, I chance upon Fishpond another competitor, maybe compare prices first before you purchase. I’m not waiting for the non-delivery, I’m going ahead to order with Fishpond

    1. Hi Amy… Thanks for sharing your experience and also recommending FishPond. You are right! FishPond is another great place for book lovers to compare prices and they have Free Delivery worldwide as well!

  6. Great posting, Dexter. My experience with Book Depository was receiving my book without the rest of the items. The book supposed comes with a comprehensive package inclusive of a swatch kit, Instructor’s Manual and a Powerpoint Presentation besides the textbook. The textbook arrived and the other items did not. Have written to them and they are now ooking into the matter. Hope to get a positive response soon. I am now more careful when buying such books. I did not have problems when I bought from Amazon.

  7. Hi,

    I’ve ordered a book for my baby…its been 12 working days…still have not received it. This is the first time i encountered such thing with books depository uk.
    I’ve bought a couple of children’s book from them before…all came within the stipulated estimated days they stated which is 8-10 working days. One of the book was sent within 7 days in fact. However, the latest books i bought have not arrived yet…and it makes me worry as i still have about 7 more books that i just ordered recently…im hoping that all my books will arrived within this month of November as i spent more than S$50 on those books.
    Books depository was recommended by my sis though 😛

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment! I do hope you have received your items! For what I know… the number of days vary and the average delivery time frame is around 14 days… anything beyond that we need to start emailing them for an answer…

  8. I live in Australia and I’ve ordered at least 20 books from them over the past year at amazing prices and I’ve received them all very fast, in new condition and packaged safely. A couple of times they have accidentally send me the wrong edition of a book and I’ve sent them an e-mail letting them know. In both cases, they got back to me immediately with a full refund and they let me keep the book. Honestly The Book Depository are absolutely the best online bookseller I’ve ever encountered. Their service is outstanding.

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