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FishPond – Another Great Place For Book Lovers And Cheaper Books

Just when I thought BookDepository is the only site for cheaper books and for free delivery despite  the many mixed shopping experiences as shared by many readers to this post… there is now a new online bookstore for you to add on for comparison – FishPond! Thanks Amy!

>> Click Here To Start Exploring FishPond

Is FishPond Really Worth Exploring?

I am into Mobile Apps Programming nowadays (check out my first- an insurance calculator app if you have an Android Smartphone) and since I am still a Beginner… it would be good that I start reading up on how to improve my programming skills!

This is the book that I have intention to buy – “Beginning Android 4 Application Development by Wei-Meng Lee”. And if you are searching for this book on… this is the price that you will be getting it for:

I have checked out this book at Local Bookstore and this price you see above is definitely still cheaper by at least 20%! The only thing here is that you have to wait for the book to be delivered. If you try to find this through, you will be getting it at $43.88 as well.

But if you decide to try searching for this book on FishPond…

FishPond is offering the Similar Book for $4+ cheaper and you get to enjoy Free Delivery as well! And you get to pay for this book through your Credit Card or through your PayPal account.

This is definitely something worth considering!

But How About Delivery?

I dare not comment whether their Delivery is reliable but I do chance upon a blog comment over at this blog post that it may be similar to BookDepository as well… you have to depend on your luck – you may or may not get your books delivered!

So likewise as for my other posts that I have did for BookDepository… if you have buying experiences (good or bad) from FishPond… please do share your comments to this blog post. Many thanks in advance!

And if this is worth your challenge because of even cheaper books…

>> Click Here To Start Exploring FishPond

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