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Earn Incentives For Your MRT And LRT Trips With Insinc

If you are a regular commuter on Singapore’s Transport System – the MRT and LRT and you think you can make a difference (contributing less to the congestion) by traveling during non-peak time period, at the same time, get some incentives out from it, then take a look at this new Program – Insinc.

What You Need To Know About Insinc

This is as quoted from the Insinc Site…

Working with Singapore’s Land Transport Authority, researchers from Stanford University and the National University of Singapore are launching Insinc in 2012 to study the effects of incentives and social interaction on public transit commuting.

Insinc encourages participants to shift their commute schedules on the Singapore rail system away from overcrowded peak times. The more commuters participate in Insinc, the more opportunities they will have to receive random rewards. Insinc aims to reduce crowded trains by distributing the load, resulting in a more efficient use of Singapore’s transportation resources — a win-win for commuters and for the environment!

How You Can Earn Your Credits

  • 1 Credit per Kilometer when you travel on the Train all day during a Weekday (0nly)
  • 3 Credits per Kilometer when you tap in at a Train Station during the Decongesting Hour of 6:30am – 7:30am or 8:30am – 9:30am
  • Boost Day – 5 Credits per Kilometer when you choose one day of the week from two given choices of which you make an effort to take a decongesting trip (means a trip during the non-peak hours).

>> Click Here To Get Started With Insinc

How You Can Redeem Your Credits

– Spin Mode

You can use your earned credits to travel across the Insinc Boards where you can pick up Random Cash Rewards and Additional Credits. You can even activate the Autoplay Credits Weekly box and Insinc will play your available Credits for you at midnight every Saturday.

– Cash Buyout

The current exchange rate is $1 for every 1000 credits. When you accumulate more than 1000 credits, you can click on the Convert Button to convert them to cash. At the end of each month, Insinc will transfer Reward Balances greater than $1 to your EZ-Link Account. All you need to do next is to tap your EZ-Link card at any AXS Terminal to accept the transfer.


>> Click Here To Get Started With Insinc

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