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Consider Buying Your Supplements Online On

If you are into supplements and you are currently getting them locally from stores like Watsons, Unity or Guardian… do you know that you may have been paying too much (even when there’s a promotion) in exchange of the convenience?

So if you are really keen in saving more, are comfortable with buying online and at the same time have more choices (e.g. brands that are not available in Singapore)… may I suggest that you check out today?

Let Me Share Some Of The Benefits Of Shopping For Your Supplements On

#1 – You Get To Enjoy More Than 40% Off Local Price

From A Local Retailer:

Local Retailer For Supplements

From iHerb:

Supplement From iHerb

Same probiotic supplements but the price difference is huge. A Singapore Local Retailer is offering this at $62.50 but iHerb can give it to you at $34.09 (a difference of $28.41 or 45%).

Side Note: In case that you are wondering why am I shopping for Probiotic Supplements — this is mainly due to age (34 and growing) and the many years of eating fast and drinking lots of coffee (thus generating a lot of stomach discomfort and indigestion) and this type of supplement is supposed to be more beneficial and effective (even when you are eating yogurt and drinking Vitagen regularly). After 4 days of taking it, there seems to be slight improvements (e.g. less tummy rumbling and more tolerance towards coffee drinking) so you may want to consider if you have such issues.

#2 – The Delivery Cost From iHerb Is Low As Well

iHerb Delivery Options

Overseas Delivery used to be a show stopper for many online shoppers. Back when delivery is usually handled by the big boys like DHL or UPS, the only way to get your supplements from iHerb is through Spree Shopping where group of shoppers will share on the delivery costs but to wait for a longer time to get the orders consolidated and payments collected.

With SingPost trying to become a major player, has offered SingPost as a Delivery Option and the fee is a flat US$4 and free when your order is over US$40!. This Delivery Option also comes with Tracking Number and you are given a link to track your orders.

#3 – The Delivery Time Is Not Too Long

iHerb Delivery Tracking

I made my purchase around 29 April and the whole delivery process takes around 6 days (should be 5 days if not for the Labor Day Holiday).

If you are not around, you get to retrieve your package from SingPost Popstation! This is something you have to get comfortable with because I realize SingPost likes to deliver around the afternoon where most households are working! The alternative is to set your office address as the Shipping Address (and share your happiness when your package arrives).

#4 – You Get Choices Not Available In Singapore

Jarrow Formulas - Jarro-Dophilus EPS

If you always think that Singapore Local Retailers offer the widest selections… you will be surprised when you start your online shopping on iHerb. The above Probiotic Supplement, Jarrow Formulas, Jarro-Dophilus, was my eventual choice and this is not available in any local retailers.

And if you are not comfortable with new product ranges, you can check out Amazon or other websites to get more assurance before you make your purchase. This was how I decide to make the purchase for this after reading all the positive and negative reviews.

So Start Shopping For Supplements On iHerb Today!

I think I have covered most of the benefits (what I enjoyed most) with Supplement Shopping on

If you feel that you can benefit from this as well, why not try iHerb,com out today for better savings and choices?

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