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Check Out Kobo If You Like Reading eBooks

If you like reading (and buying) books and you like to read them in the form of eBooks (electronic format)… you can start checking out this Online Bookstore – Kobo where you can get most of the bestselling books that are available in major bookstores as eBooks and most importantly you get to save as well!

Kobo Inc.


Oh yar… if you still prefer to read books in physical copy form, you can check out these two online bookstores:

About The Online Bookstore – Kobo And What You Can Expect

I have just started exploring Kobo Bookstore and find that it’s a good alternative source for eBooks especially if you are unable to get those Kindle eBooks (especially in Singapore) from the world’s biggest marketplace –!

And quite similar to the Kindle Platform… the eBooks that you buy from Kobo can be read (and carry on from where you last stopped reading) on Multiple Platforms like your Android Devices, iPad or iOS Devices, Blackberry 10 as well as on your Mac or PC! If you like those Kindle eReaders because they have those benefits of enhancing your reading experiences, Kobo has those as well – you can click here to check out the list of available eReader devices.

The sad thing is that, if you are in Singapore, you will not be able to get them directly here but only through those resellers and so far from my online research, there’s currently only one reseller for the Kobo eReaders here in Singapore as compared to quite a handful of suppliers for the Kindle eReaders. But if you are in Hong Kong or Australia, you can get these devices easily!

These Are The Pricings From The Local Supplier For The Kobo eReaders…

Kobo eReaders Price

The Price for the Kobo Mini eBook Reader starts from SGD$139 and goes all the way up to SGD$299 for the Kobo Aura HD eBook Reader! If you are seeing good prices for these eBook Reader, do support this Local Supplier!

If You Have Your Own iOS or Android Devices, Get The Free Reading App To Shop & Read:

For iTunes:


For Google Play:


I have been using the Google Play App on my Tablet for the last few days and so far the experiences have been quite positive. If you are very active on Facebook, you can link your account to it, post your reading activities and share with your friends online.

The only thing here is that you cannot expect that the App has all the features that you want from a Full Fledged eBook Reader… but I can safely say that the App does get better with the recent updates. *finger crossed*

Payment For Your eBooks

One thing that I like about Kobo is that they allow you to pay for your books with a PayPal Account and this is an additional option of paying through your Credit Cards. If you are on, you will notice that the PayPal Payment Mode is not available (because they are rival companies)!

The Type Of eBooks That You Can Buy And The Availability

In general, if you compare the number of eBooks on Kobo and on Amazon, Amazon sure beats Kobo hands-down and secondly the prices on Amazon is generally lower.

If you are to shop for The Cuckoo’s Calling eBook by Robert Galbraith on:

  1. – The Price is $9.99
  2. –  The Price is $16.79

The Differences Are:

  • You get to spend US$7 more with Kobo but
  • You get to buy this eBook straight away (with no country’s restriction as compared to Amazon)

So unless you know your ways of getting Kindle books from Amazon (I know there are ways), I would still think it’s worthwhile to shop with Kobo to get this eBook especially if you are in need for a good read!

Start Checking Out The eBooks From Kobo Today!

So if you think the price is affordable and there’s enough benefits that you can get out from buying your eBooks with Kobo:

>> Click Here To Start Your eBook Shopping With Kobo

Do share your shopping experiences as well if you have been a long-time customers with them!

2 thoughts on “Check Out Kobo If You Like Reading eBooks”

  1. Hi, any idea if its cheaper to get a Kobo E-reader in Australia or even HK as compared to getting one in Singapore? I thinking of getting one and a friend of mine is heading to Australia for vacation, wondering if i should get her to help me buy in Aust. Also curious abt the warranty, if getting from Sg reseller, does it have warranty?

    1. Hi Kara, if you check out the prices online, Australia seems to have the better price of $180 ( vs Hong Kong of $232 ( Pricing is after conversion. Don’t think there’s any local warranty in Singapore since the device is not supported here. If you are looking for local resellers, you can check out and Their pricing matches Hong Kong.

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