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Buy Books And Do Good With Better World Books

If you like my previous recommendations on where to buy books online that are cheaper than local bookstores and come with free shipping worldwide… here’s another one to add on to your list >> Better World Books.

(For My First Time Reader) To read about my previous recommendations, click here: FishPond | NOQStore | BookDepository

What I Like About Better World Books – You Can Do Good With It!

If you believe in doing good and would like to bring literacy to those who need it… you can do so with Better World Books because everytime you buy a book, someone else gets one too! For more details, you can watch the video below:

And this program is a worldwide event so anyone can participate in this and do a little good for someone else in other parts of the world.

Are The Books Any Cheaper?

If you are thinking that since you are doing something good for others… the books that you want to buy may be much more expensive than usual… that may not be the case!

Just check out this book that I intend to buy…

This is the one from Better World Books…

Better World Books

This is the one from Book Depository…

Book Depository

If you get it from Better World Books… you will get to save around USD0.70 (not much but every cents count!). Free shipping is included and you get to do good because someone else in other parts of the world get to have a book to read!

But do note that not 100% of the books are sold cheaper over at Better World Books so it is worth the effort when you do a comparison first before you make the purchase!

How’s Your Experience With Better World Books?

If you have bought something from that online bookstore before… how’s your shopping experience? Does the shipping time take very long? How about their support? Do they just give you a plain response and keep you waiting? Or… they are really an online bookstore that one can buy with total confidence?

Share your experience if you have one!


>> Click Here To Check Out Better World Books

>> Click Here To Check Out Book Depository

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