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Dexter D. Chan

My New Web Hosting Experiences With HostGator

I have just enrolled into HostGator’s Baby Plan to run my Online Flash Game Site, A News Feed Site and another site that promote and sell Master Resale Rights products.

Therefore would like to take this chance to share my new web hosting experiences with HostGator and also a bit of the pros and cons of this company as compared with Vodien.


First Reason – Unlimited Hosting Space For HostGator

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Happy! My Book Arrived From!

Here’s a happy note… the book that I have ordered from BookDepository – The 4-Hour Body By Timothy Ferriss arrived in my mailbox yesterday afternoon!

Yes! But this is a very long wait. I ordered this book on 25/12/2010, the Book is shipped out on 31/12/2010 and it arrived only on 18/01/2011!

But nonetheless, this is the book that I have ordered:

I know that I have posted a blog post that there are a few unhappy Book Lovers who have made their purchase from but they did not receive their books and also that this Company could be a possible total Bad Deal!

I also highlighted that we need to have more victims and supporters to stand out and voice out the good and the bad of this company.

And today… I can add a happy and positive note about BookDepository that my purchase is fulfilled!

Here’s My Proof That My Book Is Here

– This is the Box for the Book

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