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Another Good Book Deals –

For all Book Lovers… there’s another good books deal site that you need to check out and the price is worth comparable –

>> Click Here To Check Out

It’s the sister site of which I have previously done a review in my previous post. And if you are thinking that, both sites should have the same deal! Guess again! You may get to save a bit more money if you do a comparison at both sites.

Here’s The Proof

I was looking for this new book by Timothy Ferris – The 4-Hour Body. And a bit about this book, this book is supposed to be helpful for those who have been trying very hard to shed off those weights using conventional methods but… still not seeing results. Apparently, there are some good reviews and positive results from those readers of this book. So I have to check it out.

Kinokuniya is carrying this book. And this is the price offered by them:

And if you are a member (which you have to pay), they will give you around 20% off, so the price after discount is $25.56!

Then I checked out to beat that price:

After currency conversion, the Singapore Price is around $23.97. Not too bad a deal, still save around $2 without being a member.

As for, I do not personally for you, as Singaporeans, to go for it, because of the expensive shipping charges. It is this charge that kills the deal. So not worth it at this current moment. But if you do find Sprees that cater to, then I would still suggest that you go for it.


So I played around with the Domain Name and apparently exists! At first I thought it’s a spinoff site created by others but it’s not! It’s still owned by the parent company site –

And this is the price offered by

See the difference? You save US$3 more! That’s around SGD$4 that you get to save!

This is another good deal for Book Lovers! I have checked out the site and apparently these two sites are the same. is created for customers residing in the United States and is for those residing in the United Kingdom.

The difference in price? I do not really know why. No explanation to that. But at least, you know you can check out both sites to see which site gives the better deal.

So here’s the link to check out the sites of BookDepository:

Enjoy all the discounts from the books!

16 thoughts on “Another Good Book Deals –”

  1. Haha!
    I pre-ordered my 4HB from in Oct but haven’t received item 🙁
    Didn’t know the book is already available in Singapore.
    You’re the only person from Singapore reading the book (I assume since you use that as an example)

    1. Hi, thanks for your reply! Sorry to hear that your 4HB has not reached you yet. I just made my order with them on Christmas Day so still waiting for the book to arrive. So I am not the first person to read that book yet.

  2. Do not buy from BD, their delivery time sucks and books get damaged. Well, at least it’s cheap –> but when you bought $200 worth of books and still no news of them, nor tracking number, for 5 weeks!!!! –> it’s simply not worth the savings.

    I saw many negative reviews about BD online, but ‘buried’ under all others defending them. U know what? Those ‘defenders’ are actually hired by BD’s people themselves to save the company’s face!

    BD if you hear me, where is my book and don’t email me again to wait for another week! because I have waited and they never came!!!!

    1. Hi Ken, thanks for letting us know your Bad Experience. I believe I will be affected by it as well. Made my purchase on 25/12. Site mentioned shipped on 31/12. And delivery notice is 14 working days. I counted till the end of this week that its the latest I should be able to get it. If not… this is just another Good Deal gone wrong.

  3. You see, this Breda person? It’s actually someone from BD. BD posted many promos in forums/blogs.

    Sometimes you see a forum post about BD and the poster just has 1 post to his account –> that BD post. That’s BD guy as well.

  4. Actually I’ve bought books twice with them and they came promptly within 2 weeks. I’m surprised myself considering the first address I shipped it to was out in goodness knows suburban Malaysia.

    I’ve yet to get a bad experience from BD and I’ve lots of online shopping experience from eBay and whatnot. My best guess from experience is that big parcels can get stuck in the customs. Better check with your local Post Office.

  5. Book Depository has always worked for me. My family, friends and I have ordered countless books in the past year, and every single one has arrived without any noticeable damage. The ones ordered before Christmas took more than twice as much to get here (Chile), but all the other ones got here in 14 days aprox.

    The only thing I’m trying to understand now is the difference between the .com and sites. Apparently the .com is cheaper, but the has different editions (for example, I found the SF Masterworks edition of Dune on the site but not on the .com one).

    1. Hey Santiago Killing, thanks for the positive comment about BookDepository.

      From what I know about the two sites are that – they are under the same company based in UK.

      For the .com site it existed because they want to serve those customers from the US as I believe, they have their different book sources in US and UK. That explains the price difference and availability as well.

  6. I also ordered some books from BookDepository for the first time on October 2010.
    At early November, and while my books never arrived, they said that a full refund of 137.5 euros will appear in my account shortly.
    Shortly became FOREVER, so at January 10 of 2011 after I managed to find aphone number of them at last(!!!),some representative called Lu reassured me that they would send a cheque shortly (AGAIN!).
    Then on February 17 after I wrote them that if I don’t get my cheque until the 25th, everyone on the web would hear my story, they replied that they would immediately contact their accounting department in order to send the cheque ….guess again….SHORTLY!
    I really hope they will clear my issue eventually and save me from 137.5 euros of expenditure, which -believe me- in Greece especially is a large amount of money!

    1. Hi Stelios, thanks for sharing your negative experience about BookDepository. Seems like we are having quite a common issue with large orders.

      Stelios, I do hope you can resolve this as soon as possible. I understand the feeling about waiting and having money stuck with others when you can use it for better uses!

  7. Hey there, happen to stumble upon your site.

    I am from Brunei. Me and my friends have been regularly ordering books from since last year and so far we haven’t gotten any problem yet. Well, except for one book which was a delayed from the publisher and they replied my email rather fast.

    All my books usually take three weeks to arrive (at most). It’s free shipping so I don’t mind the time taken to deliver at all. I ordered new books almost every month and by the time I finish reading an existing one, new ones arrive.

    Just found out about the .com site. Some of the prices there are indeed cheaper. Can’t say I don’t feel a little “pain” especially after placing a big order last night. Haha

  8. both bookdepository sites are different versions – .com is intended as international version and I guess many restictions regarding geo location are set by default. Book publishers set different permissions to sale books in different regions (copyright issues). Sometimes the difference of price is even 40% – the best thing to always check double 🙂

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